In 2013 is born the passion for the art of brewing

It all started in the summer of 2013, with a trip through Europe, where in the evenings and a few days, accompanied by several craft beers, we fell in love with the craft beer, among the many styles and recipes grew an admiration for the art of brewing, say “it was love at first sight”.

Thus was born the Grains

And together we changed habits and opened new horizons

When we returned to Portugal we found ourselves with the sad latent reality, the supply of artisanal beer in the National territory was too limited. Together we thought “let’s change this reality”, and we started by exploring the world of artisan beer better and with it we had the idea of joining the concept of Street Food, they were the perfect match, we started to idealize the whole space, and from there we “rolled up our sleeves” and put our hands to work creating a space where you can enjoy a good craft beer and at the same time eat a beautiful sweetmeat.